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Thali | 75 cl
Product design | with Lucirmas -

Thali and 74cl are two products that come from experiments about recycling of glass bottle. The goal of project was to realize products by using minimum work-flow. In this way, is possible to realize products that not need a lots of operations, perfect to make it by artisanal work.
Few operations are important also for the ambient because in this way is possible don't use much energy. To respect the ambient, the products are made by natural materials like wood and cork.
Thali is a dish for aperitif, where is necessary to eat standing up. It is designed to use one hand to take food and beverages together.
75cl is a lamp that uses led light to be more eco-friendly. It creates a small personal and romantic ambient just using the color and texture of original glass bottle. In fact, when the two elements are combined, the light goes through the glass and gives to the ambient a little green touch. Thanks the battery, is possible to use it like a torch and bring it everywhere.
75cl is the perfect lamp when you don't want to disturb other people or the family during the night.

Photo by: VictorMax | Dario Martone
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