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The coffe machine competition.
by Desall.

Taking literally the words of the custom Neapolitan "a pending coffee", Suspense works on the association between the ritual of coffee and the break of the physical and mental work. The coffee break is the time when body and mind are detached from the problems to elevate themselves. Suspense wants to reproduce the effect of elevation presenting a single and compact block which elevates itself" through the use of a transparent base and led light below. Respecting the brief proposed by the client, Suspense is the coffee machine with a strong component of innovation. Its style is technological and modern realized by clean and soft lines. All of that is designed to transmit the values ​​of innovation, easy of use and cleaning. All dimensions and duties have been respected in the design. You can see the capsule management system and below the exhausted capsules tank, the water tank and the space for the boiler and the display. Through a superior cut, a plan designed in soft touch surface is available for the user to store the cups and have them always ready for a new coffee. Suspense wants to surprise the consumer through a play of LEDs positioned at the bottom which turn on when the machine is in operation. The goal is to emphasize the effect of "suspension" of the entire camera body.
All three colors proposed are choosed to easily adapt to any environment.
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