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Client: Vud-design | vud-design.com

Minnie is the new way to have breakfast at your home.
A lot of people are bored to do a breakfast always in the same way and in the same place, the kitchen. Often they have not a good apartment with good exposition and the kitchen is always dark. In the other case, simply, the people want to take a cup of t*e, with biscuits or cereals, in the living room on their preferred sofa. With Minnie you can do that but no longer need a dish to bring biscuits, sugar, cereals or other. Minnie can bring everything in just one cup, and the user can take it on one hand. In this way they can go in the other rooms of their apartment, living room or bedroom or, if the balcony is the only one site where there is sunlight, have a breakfast there. The name comes from the similarity with Minnies’ shoes, one of most famous Disney characters.

Minnie, breakfast wherever you want!
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