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Down up
Product design

Down Up is the valet tray with unique design that combines the natural look of the wood at high performance eco-leather. Yes, eco-leather. H2O Design is against the use of animal leather and prefers the use of high-tech synthetic fabrics in fact, the eco-leather used is an high performance cloth with anti-scratch and anti-shock. This coating is combined with a multi-layer boards of poplar wood that are for first cutted by laser and then assembled, finished and polished by hand. The multi-layer creates an elegant texture in horizontal lines that contrasts and, at the same time, emphasizes the eco-leather. A circular cut allows to contain carefully small objects as rings or earrings. Two cuts slightly deeper transform a simple valet trays in an unique object. Down Up becames a solid base for your smartphones and tablet allowing you to watch movies, to do a video-call, or to watch a video-recipe to prepare a fantastic cake.
Down Up, nature and technology at your service.

Down Up is available in two kinds of textures, square bordeaux and black patchwork.
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