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Bacca Nera wine bar
Client:  Bacca Nera wine bar

For Bacca Nera wine bar we have designed the logotype and business card.
In this project we have analyzed the client story and his dreams, the market, the competitors and the target to write the guide lines for the logo and to understand the vision, the mission and which message the client wants to transmit.
The result was a logotype that can express at the same time the passion for the wine and for the culture - Bacca Nera wine bar makes a lot of events about music, literature and art. So the logo has a vertical structure to remember a bottle, and the lettering was designed to remember a biblioteca (as simbol of culture.). For this reason, the symbol of logotype is a "tastevin", unusual for a wine bar, but it was chosen to send this message "we are expert of the wine". Inside it, there is also a berry because "bacca" is the italian translation of berry.
The style is young, fresh and  modern like the client.
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